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   -you have decided to make nutritious, locally-grown food a priority in your family’s life

   -you want to make the kitchen your favorite family room again

   -you are looking for a reliable supply of  naturally grown meats, free of the steroids, hormones and antibiotics you know are hidden in commercial meats

   -you want to know the farmer that supplies your food, and

   -you’re busy, so you are looking for the most convenient and time-saving way to reach your goal of healthy living.

 Then the Jolie Vue Farms Home Delivery Program is for you, coming monthly to your front door or convenient neighborhood drop site.

WHAT DO YOU GET? A cooler full of vacuum-packed beef, pork and chicken. Eggs from free range hens are also available for an additional charge.


What Do You Get For Your Money? Jolie Vue is the Real Bargain!

Do you find it odd that we are conditioned to judging the value of food by how cheap it is? Wow. How did we get to this stage where one of the three most essential elements for a good body and mind, water, air and food, have been degraded and we search it out, hoping to find the next cheap “bargain”.

If you are interested enough to have made contact with us, you have an inkling that fresh and clean, drug and steroid-free meats from happy creatures free-ranging in a dignified life, is the true bargain. As Honi says, pay a little more now for real food or pay a lot more later – in doctor fees, hospitals, drugs and a poor quality of life.

So what do you get for your hard-earned money, you ask? Plenty.

First consider the nutrient purchase you are making – a surplus of vitamins, minerals, proteins, heart-healthy Omega 3 fats, lower and better cholesterol, conjugated linoleic acids, none of which has been depleted by a long trip from New Zealand, Mexico or Argentina. All from local farmers that you know and who are accountable to and respectful of each of you. That doesn’t count saving our air, water and soil or keeping jobs and funds in the local community and encouraging young people to go into farming. That’s a whole lot of bang for your buck.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty…what will it cost for a serving of real food from Jolie Vue? Consider our menu in January of 2012 as a typical example:

1 “big fat hen”, 1 smoked brisket or 2 chicken hind quarters, 4 pork cutlets, 3 links Italian sausage links, 1 pork belly roast, 2 ground pork, 1 ground beef, 1 pork roast, 1 beef roast, 2 bacon wrapped chopped steaks, 1 pkg hickory-smoked bacon, 2 pork chops, 2 ribeye steaks, and 1 pkg of Hot-Piggity-Dog(TM) weenies.

Guess how many adult servings are found in this typical cooler of vacuum-sealed meats from your local farmers? We count 56 adult servings without trying very hard to be thoughtful about the way it is utilized. For the really smart cooks, you can add another 10 entree servings. And if you add your young children’s needs, it can easily reach 80 servings. So, depending on your cooking and eating habits and family size, your per serving cost would be $3.90, 3.31, or 2.73 per serving. Too much for fresh, clean, nutritious food with all of the indirect benefits as well? Folks, you can’t pass the drive-through window at Burger King so inexpensively as that.

Add your vegetables and fruits and maybe you put a whole foods dinner on the table for less than $5. That’s the real bargain in your food life.

Join us in good eating. It’s good for the creatures, good for the planet, but most importantly, IT’S GOOD FOR YOU.


Will I taste a difference in Jolie Vue’s meats?

Definitely! Our most often reported reaction to your first sampling is a clean, fresh sensation that you have never experienced in factory-raised meats, followed by a very wide taste profile that is gustatorily exciting and soul-satisfying. Once your body’s needs are filled with these nutritionally-satisfying meats, the last benefit you will notice is this: you will not require as much meat per meal to satisfy your hunger – our meats provide the nutrients that are missing in poorly-raised and processed foods, so you don’t need as much to reach satisfaction.

Do I sign a contract and am I required to take every delivery offered?

No, once you are a subscriber by paying the $36 annual CSA fee, you are free to choose which month you take or decline your meats. Charges are only applied when you take a delivery.

What can I expect in a typical delivery?

Each cooler is filled with a variety of vacuum-sealed cuts of grass-fed and finished beef, pastured and forestal pork and free range chicken, plus a monthly newsletter, On the Ground and In the Kitchen, which reports to you the state of the farm and the art of the kitchen and nutrient-rich living. In your first delivery, you will also receive Jolie Vue’s Simply Simple Cooking Book, which guides you through the cooking of naturally-raised heritage meats.

Do I have to be home in order to receive delivery?

No. Your meats are delivered in an Igloo cooler which will hold the meats in a frozen state for 24+ hours. We will leave it at your front door if you are not at home whenn we deliver.

How many pounds of meat do I receive each month?

We do not pack by the pound but by the servings provided. As a rough guideline, families with no children or only young children usually find their order lasts more than a month and so take an every-other-month delivery. Families with 2 or more teenage children usually need an order every month. But your needs will depend on how many times you eat at home, whether you balance your meats with adequate vegetables and fruits, and how efficient you are in the kitchen.

Do I get to choose the types and cuts of meat I receive? Jolie Vue is a “farmer’s choice” CSA, meaning that we pack each cooler based upon what meats are ready for harvest that month. It’s really the only way to run a sustainable farm. We think you will be very happy with the variety of meats we provide – after all, we couldn’t stay in business if we didn’t please our customers. 

Do I need extra freezer space?

No. A typical order will fit in a standard freezer.

Jolie Vue Farms – How to place your order

How Do I Subscribe to the Jolie Vue Farms CSA?

Jolie Vue Farms
3320 Sunset Blvd.
Houston, TX 77005

The Farm is located at County Road 73 in the bluebonnet hills of Washington County, Texas, 85 miles Northwest of Houston’s center. 

You are free to skip your order at any time, as long as you notify us in advance of the upcoming delivery date.

Jolie Vue Farms has nurtured a reputation for clean food that tastes good. We are grateful for all of our loyal customers who help us sustain our farm and our green spaces. In order to service our customers efficiently and to maximize our meat delivery schedule each month, we have instituted these guidelines:

How to subscribe: E-mail us at orders@jolievuefarms.com  or call us at (713) 839-8610. We prefer VISA and MasterCard as payment options.


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